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Julia's lively and spontaneous energy as a Yoga Teacher (500 RYT), and Personal Trainer (PT-ACSM) on land and water is highly infectious and inspiring!  Over two decades of experience in these areas finds her forging her own unique way of zeroing in on how and what it takes to experience freedom through mindful meditation and movement.  Despite her sometimes zany, stream-of-consciousness delivery, Julia is surprisingly grounded and focused!

Julia is also working to complete a Yoga Therapy diploma (C-IAYT) by 2025.  An important part of her training requires preparing and teaching several practicums, as well as multiple one-on-one client sessions. Julia's second 6-week BACK CARE practicum series offering Yoga Thearpy in Nanaimo begins every TUESDAY from May 21 through June 25, 2024.  Jump on it quickly, you can join the full series or drop in to individual sessions.  Click here or email Julia directly:  juliabrobbel(at)  

For a limited time while she completes her practicum, you can work with Julia one-on-one at a promotional rate.  Email her ASAP to arrange accordingly.

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