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Hypnotherapy is an opportunity to access deeper aspects of consciousness with guidance from a supportive facilitator to transform unhelpful or limiting behaviours, patterns, beliefs or mindsets.

Your first session follows this format (subsequent sessions only cover 1a):
1)    Interview

  • a.    check in about what you want to focus on for your session 

  • b.    answer questions

  • c.    address any concerns, misconceptions, negative experiences, etc 

  • d.    explain the process of hypnosis and what to expect (as needed)

2)    Engage in therapeutic process of hypnosis 
3)    Debrief as needed

In-person appointments available for Hypnotherapy in Nanaimo at Knead Therapy.   Click here to book  - **if there is no availability, please add yourself to the waitlist OR call Knead (250-753-6322) with your availability - someone will contact you shortly to book you in** 

Rahim completed Hypnotherapy training from the iHeal Institute   

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