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Hi, my name is Rahim and I'm happy you decided to stop by!  Now that you're here, please know you're welcome to arrange a consult to say hello and make sure we're a good fit to work together - send me an email and we can arrange accordingly: rahim(at)

In any case, here's a bit about me before we meet face-to-face...

I'm currently based in Nanaimo, BC (unceded Snuneymuxw / Coast Salish Territory) since June 2020.  I appreciate the change in pace of life being here offers and am honoured to live, work & play on Vancouver Island.

The work I'm blessed to offer is Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) in Nanaimo.  I also offer HypnoTherapy and Somatic Energy Therapy to dive deeper .

My professional practice as a Massage Therapist officially started in May 2016, after going through a profound transformation while uncovering then unknown impacts of early trauma.  I was deeply curious to understand exactly how my body (psyche & soma) remembered and held such dysfunctional patterns even though my conscious mind had no sense of any specific events or incidents causing them!  Along the way I slowly digested knowledge about anatomy, physiology, all the basic 'systems' of the body, & fascia and the amazing network it encompasses throughout our bodies.

Since RMT certification, I continue to learn and expand my knowledge base:

  • I LOVE and deeply appreciate CranioSacral Therapy!  I've completed all 4 foundational courses, as well as 3 higher level courses to develop and fine tune my assessment, palpation & treatment abilities

  • 'meridians' as described in Chinese Medicine started becoming apparent early in my practice.  No matter how much my rational mind resisted, the meridians persisted so I completed a course in Medical QiGong in 2020 to better understand this very different and ancient yet fascinating paradigm of health

  • fascia holds tension & memories, it's actually a bridge between our physical body & energy body; I've dedicated and refined my practice to treat the body through an integrated 'fascial approach'

  • I'm very slowly continuing learning to treat organ fascia, 2 courses done, at least 2 more to go!

I'm fascinated by how our senses work in synergy for us to experience the world with such deep delight!  Our natural surroundings offer so much to our senses of touch, smell, sight, etc - activating memories & emotions that bring joy, healing, and even ecstatic experiences!  My personal way of sharing some of nature's elements with you include learning about and offering custom crystals, magnesium bath flakes & oils, as well as salves and related health products.  I look forward to sharing them with you on your next visit!


  • born in Nairobi, Kenya

  • blessed to live and/or work in Nairobi (Kenya), Vancouver and surrounding areas, Guelph (ON), Toronto (ON), Vernon (BC), Lillooet (BC), Paris (France), London (UK)

  • I love mangoes, beets, home-made smoothies, discovering different ways to cook & enjoy vegetables, cooking in general, making salads, and preparing healthy & wholesome foods

  • I own & ride an electric standup scooter to/from work

  • my immediate family lives in Vancouver & Burnaby

  • my partner & I are lucky to be the human companions of two beautiful kitties - Saydee since June 2022;  Saffron since June 2023

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