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We are deeply honoured to offer custom crystal orders for you by contacting us directly at rahim(at)  Some of our current crystal selections includes:

  • Selenite lamps, bars, bowls, hearts, towers, etc

  • Himalayan Salt lamps (pyramids, spheres, various size 'chunks', etc)

  • Hearts in various sizes and stones

  • Free form polished and rough cut pieces, various sizes

  • Thumb stones

  • Palm stones

  • Tumbled stones

  • Pyramids (various sizes & stones)

  • Spheres (various sizes & stones)

  • Pendants & Earrings

  • Incense & incense holders

  • Essential Oil Diffusers 

  • Much, much more!!

To browse an online catalogue please visit our distributor's site - take a screen shot or write down the product details and email rahim(at) to order:​

*Despite our best efforts to setup an online shop for crystals, the time & energy requirement is currently too demanding. I will upload some photos soon (today is March 6, 2023) for a preview of some items currently available at our physical location in Nanaimo (shipping is also possible for Canada & US customers).

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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