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Intuitive Coaching & Support 

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Large Family

Life Transition Support

Stuck / Frustration Support

Family Cohesion Support

Major life changes - a recent move, job loss/change, the end of a relationship, death of a loved one, an unexpected health diagnosis - can destabilize and even put us into a downward spiral.  How do we find peace and ground ourselves again?  

Get in touch for support or to arrange a free consult

(in person or via phone/video chat)

Move through your experience of feeling stuck or frustrated with expert support & guided questions to bring you back to your inner self and wisdom

(in person or via phone/video chat)

A powerful session for the whole family (you choose how you define your family and whether you reside in the same household) - only get in touch if you're truly ready to:

  • clear unhealthy patterns & dynamics

  • communicate openly & authentically with each other

  • face traumas

(in person or video conference)

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