Rahim RMT

getting to the root cause

What To Expect

Before your first visit:

  1. Please download, fill out and bring the intake form in the link below.
  2. Bring a comfortable shirt (long or short sleeves) and shorts/pants to change into during treatment (jeans are restrictive and not recommended).  Given the modalities used, most patients remain clothed during treatment, unless we discuss otherwise.

Each session begins with a brief 5-7min hands-on, full body assessment to check where you are in that moment, and to determine if there are any changes since previous treatment(s).  After this, we chat briefly to compare my findings with your experiences and decide on where to focus for that session.  Once the session is complete, we debrief and go over questions and/or self-care options to see you through until next time.

Most people feel calm and relaxed after treatment.  Effects of treatment may be experienced 2-3 days afterwards since each person's body responds differently.  You are encouraged to monitor your body's response and to ensure you provide yourself enough time to rest and appropriate self-care.

I am quite willing to work in consultation with any other health practitioners you already work with or are considering working with, please get in touch to discuss further.