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Somatic & Energy Healing


“Everything is energy” – whether you’re new to this notion and want to explore it further, or whether you agree and live it wholeheartedly, we’re honoured to offer personally curated sessions to meet you exactly where you are! 


This session supports anyone dealing with a recently diagnosed health condition, struggling through an existential or spiritual crisis, or generally feeling 'stuck' and unclear in any area of life.  Each session is customized to your unique needs and to support you to recharge your inner resources so you start to feel lighter and more at ease.  

Your session will incorporate powerful practices including: setting intentions, mindfulness, guided visualization, somatic & touch therapy, customized crystals & essential oils, breathwork, therapeutic imagery & dialogue, craniosacral therapy, faith based counselling, chakra & meridian work, and anything else within our capacity to support you through your process.  We respect and work with diverse beliefs & worldviews, including religious, spiritual, agnostic, pagan, etc - and our approach emphasizes to “seek first to understand”.

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